Thursday, 18 July 2013

Safety - are we getting it right? – Education or Legislation

Today we hear constantly that we are over regulated and the Government needs to reduce the burden on employers by removing regulations.

Is this approach of de-regulation the right way; or is it misguided by a Government that is not really in touch with modern businesses thinking? I have been delivering a variety of health and safety training at all levels for over 10 years and although I agree that safety regulation should keep pace with modern business strategies; but not when it reduces the effectiveness of maintaining safety standards in our workplaces.

Over the years I found the acceptance of safety management and safety awareness training for business owners, managers and employees at times a difficult service to sell. I regularly find at the onset that businesses find it difficult to see the coloration between good safety management and good business practice.

So should the education of business owners, managers and employees be our driving force in health and safety alongside robust and appropriate regulation or should we just de-regulate?

Dave Middlemiss
PPD Safety Training Ltd

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